mica: GSU

From the Representatives of your Graduate Student Union:




"am sorry to report that they are building 10 undergraduate senior studios
(2 students assigned in each one) on the 4th floor of the Studio Center in
what was formerly referred to as the "Roller Rink."

We have complained about the lack of advanced warning. We were blind-sided
as well.

There will be two large spaces for Seminars and Meetings on the 5th Floor.

Construction should be wrapping up eminently on the 5th floor. Mount Royal
can do Studio Selection on Monday afternoon, but nothing can be moved into
the space until Tuesday (tentative, depending on city inspections).

We have requested that all the locks for the graduate programs in the Studio
Center be changed to card swipe locks. This should happen in the next few
weeks. The combination locks are problematic, so we are replacing them.

With the added traffic on the 4th Floor, security becomes a bigger issue.
Keep your main doors closed at all times, watch out for suspicious activity.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns."

Thank you,

René Treviño
Office Manager, Graduate Studies








Andrew Buckland
Sarah Jablecki

Osvalda Budet
Eileen Cubbage

Penny Forester

Mary Tait
Becky Slemmons

Sebastian Martorana
Chris LaVoie